Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas is over...............Already?!?!

Wow! Its Boxing Day already!

We plan for Christmas for weeks/months, we write lists, the kids write their Santa letters, we bake and make gifts and decorations. The kids excitement builds and builds in anticipation of Mr Claus's visit. I know that in this house the debate continues as to whether or not they will have made it onto the naughty or nice list!

And then all of a sudden, its over for another year.

We had a great day here at Nice Buns, Nice Life Hq. Santa Claus was very good to the kiddies and we all ate well, you cant ask for better than that.

I have spent this morning regaining control of the kitchen and living room which to be honest was hidden under wrapping paper, toys and dirty dishes.

So with the house back to near normality we are planning on spending the afternoon chilling out in front of the fire, enjoying some family time........Bliss.

For those of you who were lucky enough to recieve Nice Buns, Nice Life gift vouchers, then we look forward to seeing you at your chosen workshop.

With the New Year just round the corner why not have a look at our workshops and come and learn a new skill for 2013? The workshops we run will provide you with skills that you will have forever, that will save you money and most all that are enjoyable. We run kiddies workshops too and its so important to teach our kids how to make their own, they have fun learning and at a young age they absorb everything like a sponge. Our February half term workshops are booking up, if you are interested in a place then get in touch.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays guys because from the end of the week im pretty willing to bet you will be able to start your Easter shopping!!

Love n hugs,



Sunday, 16 December 2012

February Half Term Workshops!! Sorry!!!

I havent lost the plot...........honest!! I feel a bit like Mr Tesco waiting for Boxing Day to put the Easter Eggs out but here at Nice Buns, Nice Life Hq we are always 2-3 months ahead.

We have planned a full week of Half Term workshops for kiddies aged 4 to 10/11 years (primary school kiddies). It will be a fun filled week for us all and we are really looking forward to it as we have mixed up making and baking throughout the week.

These workshops can be booked individually at a cost of £15 per child per workshop or you can book all 5 at a cost of £50. All materials and refreshments are included in the cost and the kiddies get to take home everything they make.

All of our workshops that we hold for kids are great for improving hand/eye co-ordination, increasing confidence and improving social skills. Our workshops are run in small groups so each child receives the attention they need to complete their projects.

Monday 18th Feb, 10am - 12pm
Make me a Sock Monkey.

Tuesday 19th February, 10am - 12pm
Sticky Fingers Cupcake Decorating

Wednesday 20th February, 10am - 12pm
Make me a dream catcher.

Thursday 21st February, 10am - 12pm
Biscuit making and decorating

Friday 22nd February, 10am - 12pm
Glass painting lanterns.
All parents/carers are welcome to stay if they wish and enjoy a brew while the kids complete their creations. If your child has any learning difficulties or disabillities then please get in touch because here at Nice Buns, Nice Life we cater for everyone.


Suzi xxxxx

Saturday, 15 December 2012

New Years Resolutions!

So, with a week to go before Christmas and after the craziness of the past few weeks Neil and I decided that we had perhaps better do some Christmas shopping!
Baby sitter in situ (cheers Nanny!) off we went last night. Now I like to class myself as a professional Christmas shopper as I have done it on my own for the past few years, focussed with a list of who we need for, dont get in my way!
However, Neil likes to look and think, look some more, think some more then make the decision. Any other time would have been mighty frustrating, but it was the first time we had been out alone together in years and with everything going on it was nice to share the decisions.

We got some really great pressies for loved ones that weren't overly expensive, thankfully as we are on a tight budget after Santa took his cut.

Taking the time to look really made me think about how we could make nearly everything that we bought! I mean, thats what we do here at Nice Buns, Nice Life Hq, we make things! So why, the week before Christmas, are we out shopping for gifts?? The answer is quite a simple one, disorganisation! lol

I have made the coolest gift for our little niece Eva which I know she will love and the best bit has got to be the amount of love that went into making it. That you can't buy.

So the first Nice Buns, Nice Life New Year resolution is that we are not going to buy anyone any gifts for the entire year of 2013. Everything will have to be made. In order for this to work we will need to be organized, this one could be more difficult!

                                          How about knitting a cupcake? No seams, no small parts,
                                          perfect for littlies. Our girls use them in their play kitchen!

So with this in mind and alot of family birthdays early in the year I have cast on the first pressie this morning for our nephews birthday in January. I will share it with you when im finished.

If you love this idea of making and giving with love but are not confident enough or have never tried knitting, sewing, baking etc then get in touch with us and book a workshop. Not only will you learn a new skill but its a great evening out as well.

New Year, New Skills.

Love n hugs,

Suzi  xxxxxx

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Christmas?!?!? Already?!?! Really!?!?

Wow, what a manic few weeks!

Apologies for the lack of updates but things have been going full speed ahead since our official opening.
The days seem to travel by in a blur of mummy duties, workshops and advertising. It's hard to believe that Christmas is here already.

The excitement about the arrival of the man in the big red suit is certainly building in our house, with the three littlies counting down the days on their advent calenders it reminds us all how magical Christmas really is.

The kids all got personalized messages from Santa this year, and although there is only 3 years between them, the difference in reactions was night and day. Finley was only interested to see if he had made it to the nice list and pretty much switched off after that point, Valentina was facinated and I think being on the nice list was a bonus for her as she thought it was the coolest thing hearing Santa say her name (behaviour in the last few days may however have to be reported back to elf hq!) and Madison, well, Miss Mads was most interested in the snow surrounding Santa! The big man also sent a message for Neil and unfortunately he's on the naughty list although the elves did tell him there was still time! lol

So with all the festivities going on and Christmas workshops taking place we have started to look forward to the New year, 2013, and what it has in store for Nice Buns, Nice Life. We have many plans and dreams and we're going to make sure and not stop till we achieve them all.

The support we have had so far has been fantastic, from friends to the local press, even the bank!!!! we can't thank you all enough and hope you will continue to travel along this journey with us.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Suzi xxxxx

Monday, 15 October 2012

January 2013 Workshops - Gift Vouchers available for Christmas.

Gift Vouchers are available and are perfect for Christmas. Many of the courses on offer in January would make fab Christmas boxes. xx

Childrens Workshops - Making and Baking.

 09/01/2013           Parent and toddler button
10.15am-11.15am           jewellery                      £7.50

11/01/2013                         Parent and toddler cupcake
10.15am-11.15am                 decorating             £7.50

14/01/2013                         Parent and toddler farmyard
10.15am-11.15am                 sugarcraft                           £7.50                    

16/01/2013                         Parent and toddler cupcake
10.15-11.15am                      decorating                           £7.50

18/01/2013                         Parent and toddler button
10.15am-11.15am               jewellery                              £7.50

21/01/2013                         Parent and toddler primary colour
10.15am-11.15am               sugarcraft.                         £7.50

23/01/2013                         Parent and toddler cupcake              
10.15am-11.15am               decorating                           £7.50

25/01/2013         Parent and toddler Peppa Pig
10.15am-11.15am       sugarcraft                 £7.50
28/01/2013                    Parent and toddler button
10.15am-11.15am          jewellery                                 £7.50

30/01/2013                       Parent and toddler cupcake
10.15am-11.15am           decorating                             £7.50

Big Peoples MAking Workshops.

09/01/2013          New Year, New Skill                  
7.30pm-9.30pm    Learn to knit. 6 wk course                        £50           

10/01/2013          New Year, New Skill
10am-12pm          Learn to knit. 6 wk course          £50

11/01/2013           Learn to make a corset
7.30pm-9.30pm  2 day course.                                        

12/01/2013           Day 2 Corset making
10.30am-12.30pm                                                              £89

18/01/2013           Learn to sew Lingerie
7.30pm-9.30pm  2 day course

19/01/2013           Day 2 Lingerie making
10.30am-12.30am                                                              £65  
22/01/2013        Learn to sew celebratory bunting
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

25/01/2013           Design and make a fascinator
7.30pm-9.30pm  2 day course                  

26/01/2013           Day 2 fascinator course
10.30am-12.30pm                                                              £45

29/01/2013          Introduction to quilting
10am-12pm                                                          £20

29/01/2013          Introduction to quilting
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

Big Peoples Baking Workshops.

14/01/2013           New Year, New Skill
7.30pm-9.30pm  Learn to bake                       £25

17/01/2013           Sugarcraft
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

21/01/2013           Learn to  bake and ice buns
7.30pm-9.00pm                                                 £25

24/01/2013           sugarcraft for childrens parties
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

28/01/2013          Cupcake workshop
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £25

31/01/2013           No bake traybakes
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

All materials are included in the cost of the workshops and here at Nice Buns, Nice Life HQ the kettle is always on, so tea, coffee and nibbles are provided too! (Juice for kids)

A deposit is required on all workshops to secure your place.

Nice Buns, Nice Life HQ is situated in the rural countryside just outside Ballygowan, County Down.

For further information on all workshops follow us on Facebook,,
have a read of our blog,
or just give us a call and have a chat.

07772535380 or 02897528331