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January 2013 Workshops - Gift Vouchers available for Christmas.

Gift Vouchers are available and are perfect for Christmas. Many of the courses on offer in January would make fab Christmas boxes. xx

Childrens Workshops - Making and Baking.

 09/01/2013           Parent and toddler button
10.15am-11.15am           jewellery                      £7.50

11/01/2013                         Parent and toddler cupcake
10.15am-11.15am                 decorating             £7.50

14/01/2013                         Parent and toddler farmyard
10.15am-11.15am                 sugarcraft                           £7.50                    

16/01/2013                         Parent and toddler cupcake
10.15-11.15am                      decorating                           £7.50

18/01/2013                         Parent and toddler button
10.15am-11.15am               jewellery                              £7.50

21/01/2013                         Parent and toddler primary colour
10.15am-11.15am               sugarcraft.                         £7.50

23/01/2013                         Parent and toddler cupcake              
10.15am-11.15am               decorating                           £7.50

25/01/2013         Parent and toddler Peppa Pig
10.15am-11.15am       sugarcraft                 £7.50
28/01/2013                    Parent and toddler button
10.15am-11.15am          jewellery                                 £7.50

30/01/2013                       Parent and toddler cupcake
10.15am-11.15am           decorating                             £7.50

Big Peoples MAking Workshops.

09/01/2013          New Year, New Skill                  
7.30pm-9.30pm    Learn to knit. 6 wk course                        £50           

10/01/2013          New Year, New Skill
10am-12pm          Learn to knit. 6 wk course          £50

11/01/2013           Learn to make a corset
7.30pm-9.30pm  2 day course.                                        

12/01/2013           Day 2 Corset making
10.30am-12.30pm                                                              £89

18/01/2013           Learn to sew Lingerie
7.30pm-9.30pm  2 day course

19/01/2013           Day 2 Lingerie making
10.30am-12.30am                                                              £65  
22/01/2013        Learn to sew celebratory bunting
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

25/01/2013           Design and make a fascinator
7.30pm-9.30pm  2 day course                  

26/01/2013           Day 2 fascinator course
10.30am-12.30pm                                                              £45

29/01/2013          Introduction to quilting
10am-12pm                                                          £20

29/01/2013          Introduction to quilting
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

Big Peoples Baking Workshops.

14/01/2013           New Year, New Skill
7.30pm-9.30pm  Learn to bake                       £25

17/01/2013           Sugarcraft
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

21/01/2013           Learn to  bake and ice buns
7.30pm-9.00pm                                                 £25

24/01/2013           sugarcraft for childrens parties
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

28/01/2013          Cupcake workshop
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £25

31/01/2013           No bake traybakes
7.30pm-9.30pm                                                  £20

All materials are included in the cost of the workshops and here at Nice Buns, Nice Life HQ the kettle is always on, so tea, coffee and nibbles are provided too! (Juice for kids)

A deposit is required on all workshops to secure your place.

Nice Buns, Nice Life HQ is situated in the rural countryside just outside Ballygowan, County Down.

For further information on all workshops follow us on Facebook,,
have a read of our blog,
or just give us a call and have a chat.

07772535380 or 02897528331

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