Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Journey so far - A dream come true.

Wow! What a crazy few months it has been!

Here at Nice Buns we have been up to our eyes between summer holidays, back to school, trial childrens sugarcraft workshops and paperwork with Inbiz to get us all official and up and running.

Neil and i have always talked and dreamt about are perfect life, as im sure you all have as well. Of course we talked about winning the lottery but when we came back down to earth and into the real world we always batted back and forth business ideas. What we would love to do.
2 years ago Neil was made redundant. It was a scarey time. Since then unemployment rates have continued to rise. We very quickly became dependant on the benefit system, we saw it as a short term solution till Neil found employment again however it also got us seriously talking about owning our own business.
We knew we could bake, we knew people loved our buns but we were never sure how to marry it all together and make a profitable business out of it.
As time went on, and another baby arrived! the situation that we had been thrown into, that had initially scared the hell out of us had somehow changed our entire family set up. All of a sudden Neil was able to spend time with the kids, watch them grow up. He saw Madisons first words and steps, all things he had missed with the other two. We loved our new life, but and it was a big but, we didnt want to rely on the benefit system to keep us. We needed to make our own money, to show our children that you have to work for a living and also to provide our family with the means to move forward in life.
We made the decision that we would make a go of Nice Buns. We have been lucky to get involved with the Inbiz scheme. It is a programme run by the job centre in Northern Ireland that provides help and support for those wishing to start their own business.
So two years on, a hell of alot of paperwork and frustrating meetings later we are finally ready to officially open our doors.
We made the decision that as well as baking and selling our buns we wanted to teach people how to do it themselves, to give people the skills they need to create yummy treats at home.
Alongside baking i also sew and knit, so very quickly we began to link it all together and im very proud to say that Nice Buns, Nice Life was born!

We provide workshops in baking and making, for the young and the not so young and all those in between.
We officially begin trading on the 1st November. Excited? Very. Nervous? Very but i know we will make a success of this.
I will upload all of our workshops tomorrow so as you can all see them and hopefully pick some that you would like to try out.
And, although it is very early days and i know its going to take time to build our custom, the moral of this story is.................dreams really can come true. Im working from home so as our children are cared for, im working with my husband and i am doing something that i love. What is not to love about that?
Thankyou to everyone who has helped and encouraged us on this journey so far, the fun bit is just beginning...........bring it on!!

                                                                      The Crew!!

Lots of love n kisses



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