Thursday, 12 July 2012

50 Shades of Crazy!

Wow, what a manic month it has been! We've been inundated with Moshi Monster cupcake orders so the wee blighters have taken over the house again. Amidst the monsters (including our own 3!) we have been busy organizing, advertising and taking bookings for our childrens summer sugarcraft workshops.
We are very excited about these and if the bookings are anything to go by then you lot are too! What better way to encourage children into the kitchen than teaching them how to create their own masterpieces?
                                                         It is Summer......honest!
                                                     Miss Madison collecting eggs.

As well as the bun and games (geddit!?!? *sigh*) we have also had normal everyday Nice Buns Hq craziness. Finley is now off for his summer holidays (they break up early in Ireland), 9 weeks of having all 3 kiddies together again. The house gets loud, fast, loud, messy and loud very quickly but I wouldnt have it any other way. We have been out and about to different places when the weather has permitted but as it is like a rainforest without the forest currently we dont make plans until the last minute. I'll do a separate blog post on our family "summer" so as you can see what all we get up to.

In other news, over a long telephone conversation with my lovely friend Tracey from Kent, she introduced me to the book of the summer, 50 Shades of Grey. I haven't read a book since the kids have been born as to be honest I haven't had time! But after our conversation i was intrigued! I downloaded all three books and started to read them one evening. And 4 straight days vanished!! Everytime my bum hit a seat I read a bit, waiting for the kettle to boil, I read somemore, even went as far as taking it to the loo!! - The only room that if you close the door you may well be granted 5 minutes peace! And I saw hours of the night I hadn't seen since I was a teenager!

Well, what can I say? It certainly isn't for the faint hearted! The kinky bits are...well, kinky.........VERY kinky! But the story line is amazing and I have to say, strangly thought provoking (apologies to my hubby, not in a kinky way!). I'm not a book reviewer so I'll refrain from going into loads of depth, but it made me sit back and appreciate whats around me. Christian Grey is so madly in love with Ana, he protects her in everyway he can because he can, now obviously the vast majority of us dont have the cash to be so extreme but it made me think how much I take Squealy for granted ( he'll be getting big headed reading this!). You know how I mean though, work, life, kids and other commitments take over, we do everything we can to keep the world ticking over and everything and everyone cared for and attended too that somedays we dont tell the people who mean the most to us that we love them.

                                                          A quick 5 mins!! lol

You know what I gained from raunchy kinky books? Take 5 minutes and have a cuddle! Hell have a snog, tell your other half how much they mean to you and appreciate everything you have. We don't need to be financially loaded to achieve any of this and one day if we all keep working hard and stay focussed? Well maybe we'll catch a glimpse into what its like to have no or at least very few money worries.

That's our crazy life. It isn't all roses...but it's our life and we will work hard to achieve the end goal of providing our kids with a financially secure up bringing while ensuring that along the way they are smouthered with love n snuggles and of course scrummy buns!! NICE LIFE beckons!

Lifes for living, DO IT. Do whatever it takes to be happy and content.

Love n Kisses,

x x

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  1. Awww *slushiness* :D
    Love, cuddles & buns - perfect :)


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