Saturday, 2 March 2013

Is that...THE SUN!?!?!?!?

Well hello there.  How are you?

Hasn't it been nice to see some sunshine peaking through and a hint of spring on the way?

This little glimmer of warmer days ahead made us abandon the workshop and run away to the seaside for a spot of beach combing. Well wrapped up of course!!

It makes for a wonderfully crafty day for you and the kids. Head for the beach with your back packs and hunt for pretty shells or bits of stones and old glazed tiles that have been washed up by the tide. Bring a flask. Pour a cup of tea? Coffee?...Whiskey?...It's a bit early. OK, now allow yourself to dream about where these things came from. Think Spain and Italy rather than 10 minutes up the coast. Meanwhile the kids will run round finding all sorts of stuff. You will know you have enough treasure when the kids start complaining about being cold, wet and hungry. Home time.

Right then...Lunch eaten and everyone suitably warmed up, lets have a dig through the bags. Disgard sand, rubbish and rogue sea creatures. Don't laugh! They'll be in there!! I guarantee it!! Sea snails, hermit crabs, you name it. What do you expect? You were drinking tea(?) the whole time. (Anyone would think I'm projecting my own daft mistakes onto you.)

With the good stuff separated and laid out, come up with a design or picture for a little mosaic. changes the shape and sizes of the tiles with a small hammer. Get dad in on this bit. Dads love hammers!!

Next glue the bits into your design in a box frame and you have a lovely little reminder of a nice day out and some decor for the kids rooms. I recommend a hot/warm glue gun and if daddy is particularly useful you can get him to grout between for a more finished look.

Pictures to follow of our latest finished creations. We are STILL waiting to see if our daddy is particularly useful. Here's one of our seaside trip to keep you going.

By the time you have all that done it will probably be dinner time. Fish and chips anyone?

Love & kisses



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