Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Can I Sit Down Yet?

WOW!!! I feel like I am slacking with the whole blogging thing! This past fortnight has been absolutely insane. If I have managed one cup of tea for every ten times I have boiled the kettle and my posterior has forgotten what a seat feels like! So I have pencilled in a quick five minutes to talk to you between switching the oven off and going to re-organise the chook pen. Fingers crossed.

Right then...I neeed your help on this one.  Trying to get a bit of blog balance. I can warble on about our lives as it happens "Nice Life" or about cake "Nice Buns" or about both "Nice Buns, Nice Life" What  would YOU like to see? What interests you most about our little corner of the world? We have so many things going on or going wrong that sometimes I don't really know where to begin! Or what is even worthy of posting. There's a lot of paperwork and stuff that I'm sure you are even less excited by than me.

Shall we have a weekend in pictures?

                                         We had a small army of sugarcraft Moshi Monsters
                                         for a birthday party order. Hubby's patience here was
                                         impressive. Some very fiddly stuff going on.
                                         Would you like a sugarcraft blog post? It's fun!!

                                          We saw this cute little Fiat 500 Bambino while out
                                          on deliveries. We now want one!!!! Sweeeeeeeet!!

                                         Since it was a long weekend (Cheers Queenie) and
                                         the sun was shining, we decided to sit on the dock of
                                         the bay watching the tide roll away.
                                         (You're singing it now, aren't you? Me too!)

                                         And went to the beach, where one collected shells....

                                         ...one practiced his Kays Catalog poses...

                                         ...and one, frankly, lost the plot!! This is the Ards
                                         Peninsula of Ireland remember, not the Adriatic
                                         Coastline of Italy. Nice day but that water is COLD!!

 That was our impromptu, shoehorned in weekend! I think we all needed to go and let off steam.  The poor kids have been stuck between the house and the garden with one thing and another. It was lovely to see them running amok.

In other news, my apologies for the delay on the blog about Aaron's respite care and The Clown Doctors. It is still in the pipeline as I really want to spend a bit of time with those involved so I can get a better feel and more accurate insight into what they do.  Hopefully doing that this week so I'll keep you posted.

Right, the chickens are calling, catch you all tomorrow.  Have a lovely day

Love & Kisses

Suzi. xx

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