Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Happy Birthday Aaron

Aaron would have been 15 today.

                            Story behind this photo -
         "Aaron blanked me and I had to work hard for my reward of a smile,
              but this smile is when John told him off the next day 
      and he just laughed 'cause he thought it was very funny blanking mummy!!!! 
                            He did it all the time!!!"

There is so much I want to write about, but as today is about Aaron, above all else, for this post to be a celebration of him.  I asked his mum, Sandra if she would jot down an annecdote or two. Anything at all that is special to her. She sent me a poem written by his teachers and rather than diluting it's message by taking excerpts of it I decided that I would put it in, in it's touching entirety. I had so many ideas about what I wanted to say but do you know what?...When I read this I was knocked sideways. So much better than I could ever say it:

Aaron the Rascal...

R is for remembering, something we will always do,
The way you put a smile on our face, it was all up to you.
Tou loved the rough and tumble and smiled when we danced around the room,
You even loved us to sing some opera, even if it was out of tune!
But one thing will stick in our minds, the day Caitriona Ruane came to Visit,
You practically laughed in her face and I think she left quite livid!
Nothing like showing us up Aaron on Tor Bank's biggest day,
but it shows just what you're like, "I'll do it my way" you say.

A is for all the attention from the attractive nurses on the ward,
What did they have that we didn't Aaron?
'Cause without you in the classroom we were slightly bored.
Did they tickle your toes, give you cuddles, even rub your head?
Oh, how did we not realise it was all about getting into the bed!
You liked to keep them busy, everybody knows,
Running around the ward day and night, keepin them on their toes!

S is for being sick, thats what you liked to do every day,
"I'll think we'll have a little game", says you "you know I like to play",
As soon as the coat went on, we new the fun had begun,
Gloves, kidney dishes, Tena sheets, suction machines, you loved to see us run!
As soon as the bus pulled up, the sickness had all been and gone,
and with a smile on your face, you knew what you were doing well and truly all along!

C is for confined in physical terms, something that was so tough,
but if anyone could handle it, it was you 'cause you're made of tougher stuff!
For someone as young as you are, you've put up with an awful lot,
an even when it came to the end you gave it a second thought.
Not sure if it was your time to go, I know we waited for you to pull through,
But one thing can be said about you Aaron, you're a fighter through and through!

A is for all the years you've been in our school Tor Bank,
putting up with all those staff, we're not sure who to thank!
You've touched so many lives and blessed us in so many ways,
You definitely won't be forgotten, that's what we all want to say.
We'll think of your smile, giggle and red hair, even the sickness too,
There's no getting out of it Aaron, we won't be forgetting you!

L is for loved, something that you will always be,
And today you're up in heaven playing with old friends you've waited to see.
And Aaron you're a colourful child, like a rainbow in the sky,
And today we're dressed in bright colours in case you're ascking why?
We love you so dearly, that we wanted you to know,
But heaven sent their angel down and said it was time to go.
You're safe in the arms of Jesus with a perfect body today,
And we look forward to the reunion with you Aaron, it will be an extra special, fantastic day!
We love you, we will miss you, you have played such a special part,
Thanks for letting us know you Aaron, you will forever remain in our hearts.

Sandra is a good friend of ours and in order to celebrate Aaron's birthday wanted cupcakes to bring to the respite care home that looked after him. The only stipulation was "bright, rainbow colours", with thoughts of vibrant icing in her head. With a wry smile and a different idea in MY head I came up with these, I think we did him proud.

                                                     Vanilla Rainbow Marble with Sky Icing.

Aaron had Cerebral Palsy and passed away, aged 12.

Happy birthday Aaron.

Love & kisses

Suzi. xx

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  1. There is so much more I want to write about. I want to talk about Aaron's respite care home and The Clown Doctors charity but it will wait until tomorrow. Today is Aaron's special day and that is what is important.

    Happy birthday wee man.

    Love & kisses

    Suzi. xx


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