Monday, 7 May 2012

The Big Reveal.

Cupcakes with blue and pink glitter?!?! Whatever for? Not us thankfully!!!!!!

                                                                Nice buns! Awful photo!
                                                          Glitter just does not photo well!!

On one of the morning tv shows a week or so ago there was a piece on a woman who was embracing the latest cake craze from the USA. I will admit I was sceptical as the trends in America don't always take off over here. Whoopie Pies for example, we are told are very popular stateside but here, not so much. Yes they exist and its easy enough to track them down but they are far from deposing the mighty cupcake from the bakery throne.

So the story goes that the woman in question was pregnant and while having a scan had asked if she could know the sex of her unborn child, but-and here's the twist, she wanted it written on a piece of paper for her to ignore. Off she went, paper in hand to a baker where she ordered (and no doubt explained the concept of) a Gender Reveal Cake and handed over the piece of paper. 

So what's the game? Well, with innocently iced cake giving nothing away as to it's secret within ordered off you go to organise a party or family get together and decorate the house in blue and pink with question marks and balloons, as much or as little as you please. As with any party really. The star of the show is the cake though! With everyone gathered round and video camera set up for the inevitable YouTube video full of excited sqeaks and emotional overload, the mum and dad to be cut the cake to reveal.....(insert drum roll or tense background music here.)....the sex of the baby to be!!!!! Blue or pink coloured cake or icing within being the giveaway. Or both if you are really lucky/unlucky depending on point of view LOL.

A lovely idea we thought, but even baby showers are pretty rare in the UK and Ireland, no-one will go for that will they?  Um...Yes! ha ha. Within 24 hours!!! Or a variation at least.  King Cupcake reigns! Marbled vanilla and pink with buttercream icing and "girl or boy?" glitter.

                                                                     FOR A GIRL!!!!

The party was yesterday so everyone knows now, not just us.  It's an odd feeling knowing the sex of someone else's baby before they do. A bit invasive but exciting. And watching what you say at all times!! DON'T LET IT SLIP!!!

On a personal note I'm still not 100% sold on these. Maybe its because my family is complete. No plans for any more so I won't get to be on the receiving side or maybe it's because we decided to make a few boys ones for photo purposes (after the order so there wouldn't be a mix up.). Pink is reminiscent of Battenburg cakes and Angel cake, close even to Red Velvet....but blue? Hmm...Maybe I shouldn't have marbled it as it reminds me! Don't get me wrong they taste great but they look...well, you decide.


 Here's the thing though. As with everything in life, it is all subjective. It's all down to personal taste. Just because I think they look a bit alien doesn't mean you do. And I hope you don't. I hope you take the view of our Finn: "WOW...THOSE ARE MENTAL!!!!" He knows the right things to say, bless him. Every living soul in his school will know about them by lunchtime too.  My little marketing man.

Valentina is unsurprisingly more impressed with the pink ones.  She is the girliest tomboy you could ever meet. Watching their reactions has made me think though. Vale wants pink buns for her birthday in September and Finn wishes he'd thought of blue cake for his last month. And why not? Maddie just wants cake!! She's easy pleased!

In an industry that is at present dominated by vibrant colours and OTT ideas, let's take it that one step further. It's all about fun and enjoyment after all, so if you want some or want to come play in Nice Buns HQ give us a shout. Let's make something that will impress, delight or shock your friends and family.

Love & kisses

Suzi. xx


  1. trouble only starts if your asked to bake chocolate buns then ..

  2. In theory it should be possible with a Chocolate and Vanilla marble. Ill have a go next time im making chocolate buns. xx

  3. Ha ha totaly with Finn on this, mental! ;o)

  4. great idea! i love it!! could you do some mini cupcakes about 12/15 for the 22nd may?? just blue and pink glitter on the top and no colouring in the middle. I've organised a baby shower for a girl in work and thats her last day. let me know if you can fit us in. Ali

  5. Hi Ali, yes we can. Give us an email on and we'll get it sorted for you. Suzi xx

  6. What a great idea... Although I admit I thought you were going down a different track... Lets say there are twenty people at the shower... 20 neutral cakes with pink / blue icing & the note baked into one of the buns... Surprise!!! (hopefully not somebody choking on the note).... Big disclaimer on the box??


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