Friday, 4 May 2012

Not So Fantastic Mr Fox!

Wow, what a week!!!!! One of those chaotic ones where your rump doesn't touch a chair for long enough to enjoy a brew! (Apart from lunch with the girls on Thursday. Most enjoyable)

Here at Nice Buns HQ we believe, as I have mentioned before, in sourcing local produce or better yet, producing our own. Veggie patches are a good idea and something the kids love to get involved in. Who doesn't like digging?!?!

                                           Here's a few of the ladies having a spot of breakfast.

But it's our chickens that mean the most to us. No eggs means no buns!!!! So they merrily cluck about and scuffle, tame as you like, not a problem for the kids to catch for a cuddle.  All the time watched over by Raj the rooster.  Big boy, Brahma Gold, a big softy but my days is he intimidating! Looks like an eagle that didn't bake quite right.

                                                  Big Raj and a nervous looking Marco

It seems daft but you get a bit of a bond with chooks.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not bringing them in to sit on my lap while I watch telly but there is something very calming about sitting in the field as they wander round you and even more satisfying when you collect the eggs. So when Fantastic Mr Fox comes to visit it's upsetting, frustrating and infuriating! I'm not going to start a debate here as I really don't want to stir up the cutesy wootsey little foxey woxey brigade vs the horrible, nasty, f*#king killing, thieving bushy bas.....(you get the picture) brigade. What I will say is that while they are undeniably pretty creatures and its lovely to see them playing in the long grass from a distance....They are also malicious killing machines who can decimate your herd of egg layers for an easy feed time and time again. And that is not lovely to see.

This though, is the way of the countryside. My love/hate relationship with foxes will continue but it has shown me how caring my kids are.  Finn has been trying to come up with new ways of fox proofing a field while Vale and Mads have taken on the role of counsellors for chickens with post traumatic stress.  Cuddle away the pain.  It is the funniest and cutest thing. Kids and chickens go great together and I feel privileged to have that little bit of space to keep them.  They don't need much and you could easily keep 3 or 4 in your garden (we need a few more) and have fresh eggs daily. This is something I can't recommend enough.  They're basically, useful pets. Just keep an eye out for Foxey Loxey.

                                                   Dr Doolittle and one of her many chums.
                                                 (and a headless Finn! I'm no David Bailey!)

So with a salute to our fallen comrades I will move on. (imagine me sat in my kitchen, saluting out the window in the direction of the field.)

For this weekend I am working on a concept which is new and for me, very interesting. I'll not let the cat out of the bag just yet but lets just say that it is a bit OTT but very sweet and all done for the most fabulous of reasons. I'll keep you posted.

Love & kisses

Suzi. xx


  1. Im loving the picture of Raj 'fronting' Marco... What's this big plan?? Enough already with the suspants!! Me & Janine need to know!! X x

  2. Patience dear chap. All will be revealed. In fact revealing is what it is all about.


  3. no ,,, patience is what its all about.

  4. ????? Spill the beans sue! Xx


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