Friday, 27 April 2012

P-A-R-T-why? Because it's Finn's birthday!!!

What a week! Non stop with one thing and another.  The highlight being our wee man's 6th birthday.

                                                          This is a terrifying prospect!

When you are 6 the whole world is at your feet, Finn's biggest concern in life is his belly! Or what else he can fit in it! Other subjects include, from December to April he worries about what birthday presents he wants and from April to December he worries about what Christmas presents he wants. Finances are of no concern whatsoever.  Good man! Plenty of time for that in the future when he has his own books to balance. "Your school days are the best days of your life!" If I heard that once, I heard it a million times when I was a kid. "But I hate school!! It doesn't make me happy!!" It's only since having kids myself that started to realise what it meant. Stress free on the whole. Mucking with your friends and worrying about presents. No rent or mortgage, no car to insure, no electricity bill, phone bill,this bill, that bill, the red bill lurking at the bottom of the pile eyeballing you everytime you walk into the room.

I have noticed that there seems to be a trend for removing parties from the home. Why is this? Privacy? Keeping up with the Jones'? Do kids need entertained further than the home can offer for a party?

                                                      Lego is good but Lego you can eat?
                                                                        OH YES!!!
A kids party at home is an amazing thing, maybe I'm a bit traditional on all this but Finn having all his chums round to play in HIS room in HIS house with HIS things was a joy to behold. Watching him show them all the things he talks about in school and them just running riot round the house and garden. HIS domain on HIS day! HE was the big dog! They were here for HIM and he loved it! No distractions. Of course we live in modern times so when asked what he wanted to do, it was an unequivocal no to party games. Really he just wanted to go with whatever happened but he did say he would like to decorate cupcakes. BRILLIANT!! THAT'S MY BOY!!!!  Better again is how successful it was! We had a half hour oasis of calm while these kids became enthralled in sugarcrafting and cookie cutting and rolling and squirting and dipping and making the most monsterously over-iced buns. I would never have believed it. Certainly not from rowdy boys into sport, Star Wars, racing cars, manly things.

                                            Missing the point? Icing on bun Finn, not tongue!
                                                        Or maybe it's the way forward?

We already run courses from our home where you can come and learn to bake, ice and decorate. We also do gluten free nights which are as much about awareness and shared experience as they are the baking.  We natter and eat and maybe those who dont have to drive home have a little glass of rouge. Or a big glass. Now I have a new direction to add. Kids parties. I'll bring the kit and help them make a mess. They have fun and they have something for their party bag at the end! NO, not the wine!! Good grief people!

And what about gluten free parties? We could never take our Mads to a soft play area for a party. It would end in her going off like a firework! This would not be a good look for her. But playing mummy for a day in the kitchen is a great look for her! Very sexy!   

Love & kisses

Suzi. xx

P.S If you are interested in attending a class or having a P A R T Y drop me a line and we'll make a plan.

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