Sunday, 15 April 2012

Somewhere to start.

Good morning all. Spring is springing, buns are baking. Welcome to the Nice Buns blog. I t will no doubt change time and time again as I figure out the various features of the site but for now its thing? Anyway what we hope to do at the Nice Buns blog is bring you a little incite to what we do, what we are up to, some recipies and walk throughs for cakes and sugarcraft things to impress your mates and make things more exciting. We will no doubt also show you all the catastrophes and cock ups and a bit of the random nonsense our kids get up to. They are the inspiration for a lot of what we do and like them we will be frank and honest! Except when we're telling porkie pies to cover up an almighty f*ck up so we don't look like total idiots! ;)


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