Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Explain yourself!!

Ooh, brings back memories of being hauled up in front of the headmaster doesn't it?

I was working on the latest blog when I noticed something I thought I should address. We have some international readers!! Hello to you! Very flattered that people are interested in what I write. Thank you all so much!! And that brings me to the point of Side note? Buns! Im sure you have all figured it out by now but for the sake of clarification, in Ireland and parts of Northern England and Scotland a bun is a cupcake. No, it's more than that. It's an all encompasing colloquialism for an individually portioned cake. So also traybakes like say rice crispy cakes? No. They're rice crispy buns! Fairy cake? Wee bun! Cupcake? Bun! Muffin? Big bun!

That should make the "Nice Buns" name a bit clearer too eh? We're easy amused here. A friend was over for coffee and a "bun", took a bite and exclaimed "Mmm...Nice buns!!!" needless to say we giggled like schoolgirls about the obvious innuendo and Nice Buns became our business!

And I stopped wearing ripped jeans.


Suzi. xx


  1. Most amused by this. I'm an Irish girl living in the south of England I have confused a few friends with buns and baps.

    1. Ahh, buns, baps, cobs and rolls. We have a good friend who is a chef in Folkestone. We have great fun winding him up on this subject. He is adamant that a bun is purely a bread product for burgers and hotdogs. Mattymoos, You are wrong! Ha ha.


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