Monday, 21 May 2012

Down Time

Bloggy woggy doodah, what to write about today?

It's been a crazy few days, full of orders, meetings and automotive electrical failures but you don't want to hear about that.  The orders were  fun, the meetings were dull and the car is a pain in the rump.  But I love my Big Betty and she will rise again!!! Once Neil stops swearing at her and pulling bits off!!!

So, with the meetings met, the orders made and collected, the kids asleep, the kitchen cleaned and a ginger tea in hand, lets talk.

                                              Mads prefers being chaufeured at the moment.

WORK/LIFE BALANCE. The term makes me shudder. We have to work but we NEED a life!!! There is more to our existance than the paycheck. We don't make as much money right now as we did when Neil was working but then he was leaving the house as the kids were getting up and on the rare days he wasn't working late, he was getting home as the kids were going to bed.  More often than not he was getting home as I was going to bed. 6 days a week. Trust me, money isnt everything! Of course we dream of being millionaires like everyone else does but purely by adjusting how we spend we are happy enough.  We have sacrificed a few of the niceties but nothing too depressing. Is fabric softener really that important?

                                              Finn & Vale have a break in "Hutchy's Hedge"
                                        Vale appear to be trying to move her bike via telekinesis

The big thing though is the balance has swung the other way. We have a LIFE/WORK BALANCE. We work together and for the moment at least, we work from home.  Where the kids are! No commute! Less fuel costs! Less stress! MORE LIFE! The kids are growing up with their dad around all the time, not just as that bloke who looks shattered in the livingroom every Sunday.

Weekends aren't really weekends in our house. People have parties and get married or older at weekends so Friday and Saturday tend to be our busy days but weekdays after school and Sundays (On the assumption the MotoGP isn't on and that bloke in the livingroom isn't grumbling about how the kids are louder than Eurosport) then we make as much time as possible to be a family. Simple things generally like playing games or watching Peppa Pig...Or chasing the kids round the house and tickling them until they can't breathe! That's just some sort of legal torture isn't it? Finn would say anything you want him to if it will make you stop!

But today it's summer!!!!! IT'S SUMMER!!!! It may not be tommorrow but today? Today was a day for bikes!!! This is what life is about for us. It's all about the kids. And bless them they're so easy pleased. We have a long country lane for a driveway with a couple of hills and a few bends. A run or two up and down and the kids are over the moon. We all love a trip to the BMX track but when time is tight it does the trick. Especially on a warm summers day.
                                                               Pedally bike Tetris!!!!

I'd have liked to have had more photos to show you but it's hard to look through a camera when you can't watch our fearless Vale careering down a hill on her balance bike. Feet up, tucked down, no brakes.

Our life won't be to everybodies taste but to us we are living the dream.

Love & kisses

Suzi. xx

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