Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Aaaaaaggggghhhh!! Energetic Littlies!!

Every morning's wake up call is the same in this house, the kids already awake and playing. Somedays happily in their bedrooms other days the three of them are racing up and down the hall on their wheely bugs.
Meanwhile, Neil and I try to drag ourselves out of bed and hit the kitchen for a caffeine fix to get us going.

Whats that all about? How have kids got so much energy? and When did we lose ours?!

I think the answer to the latter is when the kids came along!

Finley at 6 is in year 3 of Primary School so we have the girls to entertain during the day. Valentina who has recently turned 4 will be heading for school in September this year and then there will be one, little Madison who is 3 home alone for another year.

I wish I had half there energy!

The energetic littlies walking the dogs!

Entertaining littlies needn't be a tough job. We entertain our girlies everyday, trying to come up with ideas that will help them learn and grow.

Running our workshops from home has been a real blessing for us as a family, not only does it allow Neil and I to work from home whilst also bring up our littlies together it has allowed our kids to join in the workshops that we hold for kids and they love it.

They are learning such great skills at such a young age. It has allowed us first hand to see the benefits of our workshops and of course its great to think that we will be able to retire early and they can take the reins!

Some of the benefits include, improving hand-eye coordination, developing the pincer (thumb and forefinger) movement, colour recognition and improvement of social skills. Isnt it great to think that the kids benefit from having fun?

Of course there are the more obvious benefits like the learning of the craft they are doing.

Madison in particular loves Button Jewellery. When we started she struggled to thread the buttons but now she can do it and is very proud of it.

Valentina and Finley both have a love of sugarcraft and take part in every kids sugarcraft that we run. Finley even turned down a trip out with Nanny and Papa so as he could take part in one! Very quickly their skills have improved and they now produce wonderful creations to decorate their buns.

I personally believe that these are all life skills, i know already that my kids will be able to head of to college with the skills needed to not only feed themselves but also make yummy treats. The girls are already trying to knit so hopefully they will be warm students as well with their home knit sweaters!

And the best bit? The skills we are teaching them now, they will teach to their kids and so the cycle will continue.

We teach our kids so much these days about recycling. Making and Baking should all go hand in hand. You dont need to have a fortune in the bank to bake some buns or knit a sweater and although money makes the world goes round these skills will help them stretch what they have even further.

Even just blogging about it gives me a satisfied feeling.

Me and my 3!

Have a look at our workshops, we run plenty for kids and adults or we can run private classes for you and your kids to learn together. Why dont you come and learn how to do something and then pass it on?

Keep the Making and Baking cycle going, its so important.

Love n kisses,


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