Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The joys of motherhood......that no one tells you!!

I'm just taking a quick five minutes to set my bum on a seat and enjoy a well deserved brew so I thought I would share what's making me laugh to myself this morning!

Why is it that no one tells you the truth about motherhood?  The good bits or the bad, no one really tells you what its like. It's as if its a secret and when you have kids you are somehow sworn to secrecy.

This thought process has come about this morning as we are currently trying to potty train our youngest, Madison who is 3. We have had as much pee on the floor this morning as we have had in the potty. We've gone through 6 pairs of pants already.
Patience has been pushed to say the least, standing in the poo nearly sent me over the edge hence my sit down and a brew!!

In comparison my other two potty trained easily. You would think that they would be happy to use the potty and not their pants but apparently not!

No one tells you that the novelty of changing little bums will soon wear off.........and trust me after 7 solid years of nappies, the novelty has long gone! When Maddie was born we had all 3 in nappies!

No one tells you about that feeling of pride that you get when they do produce something in the potty, bodily functions soon become the topic of conversation for the household, I've refrained from sharing the details on Facebook but it was close! Besides...I can do that here! Ha ha.

No one tells you that these little people will push you to breaking point some days but it wont change the fact that you love them immensly and heaven forbid somebody upset your child........cue Mother Bear Syndrome!

No one tells you that this little bundle that you bring home from hospital will cause you worry every single day. You will worry even when there is nothing to worry about. Take for example, Finley our eldest, he has football after school today, I'm worried in case he doesn't get picked for the team he wants and how he will feel if his team gets beaten. I'm sure he will be grand but that doesn't stop me worrying, I mean, at the rate today is going Maddie could still be peeing her pants at the college gates! Worry, worry, worry, comes hand in hand with motherhood.

While I type I can hear Neil asking Mads has she pee'd on the sofa!! It could be a long afternoon!! (She hadn't)

No one tells you that when all your brood is tucked up in bed sleeping comfortably, you will sneak round checking they are all ok and cosy and feel an immense proudness that you made them. That little nod you give yourself..."I made that."

No one tells you that you will love kids tv and some evenings when the kids have gone to bed you will find yourself still sitting watching it..........not that that ever happens in here........obviously!

No one tells you how important education will become to you. I always believed I would just send my kids to school, I never imagined I would want to read Ofsted reports etc to see how well the school teaches! I also never considered how great it would feel to teach kids how to do something. I love teaching our kids new skills, I love seeing their wee faces light up when they master it and most of all I love the fact that I now get to teach skills to other peoples kids as well.

Motherhood, its such an amazing experience, challenging but amazing. I wont let any other secrets out of the bag..........dont get me started on sleep deprivation!!!! lol

Right, brew finished, back to potty supervision, button jewellery and ink stamping!

Love n hugs,


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